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Plain and simple … Love

I often hear the sentence “I love you unconditionally”.

As far as I know, the term “unconditional love” is a nonsense. Is there … “conditional love”? If someone thinks it is, I am sure it`s filed under a different term.

I am not writing this article to dissect the meaning of some words, I am doing it to bring a little bit of light in a very good friend`s mind (he`s not the only one in the world that feels this way) who never learned to accept the fact that he`s unique, important, valuable, just because … he exists!

I don`t know if he has the impression that he`s not worth it or it`s too much for him to accept that he`s loved “just because” …

Love, in its pure form, lives inside every one of us, but because we are afraid that we`ll be laugh at or hurt, we rarely share it, show it, declare it.

[I don`t know who and when reached the verdict “guilty” in the case of  “The People vs. Love”, Love being the worthless creature that must be kept in a dark dungeon for some unknown reasons, but I chose to wear IT with as much pride as our ancestors, The Dacian people, carried their flag into battles. This way I can daintily yield IT to the people around me. Not once I`ve been seen as an odd creature for being “so loving”, their first impulse being flight or dodge. As soon as they got to know me, they`ve become “hungry” for my words and gestures, and they`d come looking for them, in case I had a … meditative day.]

There is a small number of people that`s able to love with the love of a creator; the rest of us offer love after we test, probe, experiment, live.

Dear friend, as I stand before you, as a humble mortal being, I confess to you that I did not love you from the start “just because”, but, after you showed me, with such grace and trust, the dept of your soul, your beautiful mind, the things you are capable of doing and feeling, I chose to love you, and, no matter what you chose to do from now on, my love for you will always stay intact, because my soul it`s honored to have yours by its side for the rest of our mortal lives, and, why not, even beyond …

One more thing: “I love you” is not only reserved for lovers and couples; it`s here to be used by anyone, anytime (hopefully, tax free, for a very long time 🙂 ).

Life together – Heaven or Hell?

For a while now, I feel the need to write articles about couples. Maybe because of the two divorces I`ve found out recently (I felt they were coming, but the partners, amazingly enough, didn`t see it).

A marriage has to be a celebration of two people going on a holiday, not a punishment. I am saying this because, not once, I have heard the phrase: “Are you insane? How can I go out with you for a ……, I am a married man/married woman?!”

So what?! What does it mean? That your life is over? Then I have to see the “holy matrimony” as a death of the individual?

I know it should be the communion of two people forming a whole, but that doesn`t mean that both of their individuality and identity will melt into one being.

Being single or someone`s “better half”, the person needs freedom, has the right to have its own secrets, hobbies, going for a coffee/tea with friends/girlfriends, has the right to socialize with other people, no matter their sex, nationality, religion, ethnicity, color; has, also, the right to have fun anywhere (yes, even in a streap club), to dream, to be alone for a moment/an hour/a day/a while, to escape (inside or outside of itself), to enjoy the silence.

The way more and more people talk to me about their marriage, it looks like this: after you say “I do” some of your essential rights disappear, and not only that, but they also get replaced by duties! There has to be a balance in anything, but on this matter, you go in with a handicap, getting to the point of having more duties than rights! You’d be safer marrying …The Constitution 🙂 , since it`s “THE ONE” guaranteeing all your rights.

If I remember well, The Church was the one “manufacturing” the institution of marriage, saying, in its defence, that was keeping people from fooling around while assuring the paternity of children born as a result of those communions. I believe this concoct brought the unhappiness of as much children and adults as the plague, cholera and the wars, all together.

A marriage should be the adventure of two free souls, who are playing and experiencing life together, exchanging ideas, helping each other grow, push each other to evolve, support each other while fulfilling their wildest wishes and dreams!

If someone decided to walk along you on this path, you should feel honored, because a lifetime is a veeerrrryy long time… You have to see that person as a hero 🙂 ;  think about it this way: your parents – they gave you life, raised you and love you very much, but they don`t live with you anymore.  That person – your partner – is right there with you, every single day! Don`t punish him for that 🙂 !

Love him, respect him, take good care of him, make him lots of surprises, do exactly what you want to be done to you, behave around him the way you want to be treated by him. Maybe he doesn`t do that yet, but he will, by example! We learn from each other every single day.

Don`t try to change him! People don`t change, they just evolve in better versions of themselves. Don`t ask him to guess your thoughts; many times we are unable to guess our own thoughts, and they are in OUR heads  😉 . Don`t take things/words/actions personally:  in every discussion present company is always excluded.

Don`t you ever insult him! Break the damn lamp if you have to (it’s out of fashion anyway 😛 ), rip off the curtain (there is a nice one in the store, near you 😉 ), count until 20, but DON`T open your mouth to say something so awful that you`ll regret it for the rest of your life!

People are perfect in their own way. A very dear friend of mine once said that the partner doesn`t have to be perfect (in general) but he has to be perfect … FOR YOU! We are some Lego bricks – we need someone that fits US perfectly, not our family, our relatives, our lineage or even our society!

In the unfortunate case in which you feel, in your heart, that he`s not THE ONE and you cannot be happy being in that relationship, do not torment him just because “I swore in front of The Almighty God to be with you for better and for worse, until death do us part”. Those vows, any vows, are equal to nothing if they are not supported by love, and, as it happens, I know for a fact that God didn`t create Perfection to see it tormenting others or being tormented because of some society rules or a big “Ego” (what would our neighbors/ parents/ godparents/ grandparents/ kids/ colleagues/ Facebook/ Twitter say if I get divorced??).

If you treasure anyone`s opinion more than your own, you most likely live a lie, an illusion, and, the worst thing is that you live it to please the ones around you, not yourself!

I once read about our ancestor`s traditions – The Dacian people (in my opinion – one of the wisest tribes that ever lived on this earth) – who were crying at births and laughing at funerals.

I didn`t find anything said about the traditions regarding the weddings and I would really like to know any little thing about those.

All I hope, in the back of my mind, is that, in their infinite wisdom, they would beat the hell out of the couple getting married, in front of all the guests and family (instead of following the today`s boring ritual) following the idea “if you want two people to join forces, give them a common enemy”. Even if their love wasn`t strong enough, they would`ve become the best comrades :).

We – The Humans

The moment our creators put into play our physical world, they filled it with everything they had inside them: beauty, love, pleasure, joy, peace, humor, and other things related.

When we came here to take charge of the place, we were like them: full of life and positivity.

Something, no one knows what, changed inside us and, at full speed but balanced, apeared the counterparts of those things. Our creators thought that would be a great challenge for us, so they trusted our judgement in doing, thinking and acting the way we feel. That`s what we are still doing, most of us without even being aware of it.

I wrote these ideas for us to show that our celestial parents didn`t create us to prove themselves to be capable, powerful or smart (they don`t have Egos), to punish us for God knows which sins we are guilty of, without even knowing them (they don`t have reasons to be vengeful, since their hearts are filled only with love) or any other petty reasons. Their only wish was for us, their “naked” kids (souls), to get dressed in any “clothing” (bodies) we choose, so we can experiment as many worldly feelings as we want, so we can evolve.

I don`t know to what ending yet, but I am still searching and I will keep you informed 😉 .

I don`t want to create a new religion or a new belief system, there are so many of those; all I am trying to do is to find as many people as I can that share my wish of living life to a higher level, who want to wake up from this nasty dream of “go to work, go shopping, take the kids from school, come home and cook, wash clothes, watch TV, go to sleep” and so on,  and  wish to start really living this wonderful gift named “today”, or, to better quote Bil Keane: “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

If you got here and you like it, I invite you to travel with me, no matter where this road is taking us.

Don`t be afraid, life is fascinating and I am sure it`s going to surprise us with lots of lessons that would help us learn more about us and the world around us.

Welcome into my little magic world! :)

My “scene” name is Johanna, and, although writing is my greatest pleasure in life, it took my guardian angel, Lucy, a great amount of effort to get me on the righteous path of writing this blog 🙂 .

I thought to myself – The internet is full of blogs, but I want to make a difference through it, not just write it for my own pleasure, so I started gathering my thoughts, my feelings, my day to day experiences and I wrote little funny stories, to entertain my friends 🙂 or serious subjects so they can learn something new.