Mother Earth

Shush!! Mother Earth is resting :)

Today, 22.04.2020, we celebrate (as we do every year) “Earth Day” so I have decided to write this article, in her honor.

A lot of people are crying because their lives are being disrupted by the Coronavirus.

I heard lots of opinions about this: some are blaming a conspiracy brought by the Chinese, Russians and/or Americans, some blame the system (Which system? Doesn’t matter! A system, any system, they are so many … ), some think that is a god sent period for some to rest, a curse for some to die and for others to lose their businesses.

No one asked me, I know, but you cannot make me shut up as long as I have a brain full of words which are trying to escape my mouth every time I try to breathe, eat or just yawn 🙂 , so let me tell you those thoughts.

With a few exceptions (yes, a few compared to the number of people that live on Mother Earth today) people are taking everything for granted: breathing, moving around, seeing, hearing, smelling, Nature and their surroundings, their bodies, and, finally the ground beneath their feet: the planet we were very lucky to be born on.

Does anyone know what were the chances of our lovely planet being able to sustain life? Slim to none! BUT something, actually a lot of amazing and unique “somethings” happened, and if you want to find those out, watch “The Universe” (2007-2015) on Netflix still, and Brian Cox`s “The Planets” (2019) (on BBC iPlayer). After seeing those series I was mesmerized and I realized that there was a 99.99% chance for our planet not to be, therefore the same chances of us NOT to be here!

No matter who or what is to blame for this virus situation, all I see is Mother Earth taking a break from us.

If you can stop for a second and imagine Mother Earth as a human mother taking care, day and night – no sleep breaks in between – of none other than 7.8 billion kids of all ages, all characters, with different problems, going all over the playground (196.940.000 sq.mi.), getting into fights, starting wars, stealing other kids` toys, hurting and/or killing each other or other living creatures for no reason at all, poisoning the ground, the water, and the air, putting her well-being in danger as well, you might think she must be sooo damn tired and out of her wits, and you are right!

She cannot throw us into space; she cannot get rid of us while we are alive (without killing us with her own little hands 🙂 ) but she found a way to get us away from her while still keeping an eye on us. She needs some quiet time, to rest, to relax, to refresh herself and what is amazing is that she is doing it all for us! The things are very clear: no planet, no people!

What are WE doing in return while she is resting? We act like the spoiled and selfish little kids that we are: “My plans for a holiday are destroyed”, “I am getting bored in the house”, “I cannot stand doing nothing anymore”, “I miss my job” (the one that I used to hate so much, it hurt my soul), “I cannot have parties and barbeques anymore”, “I cannot take my car for a spin while being envied by my neighbors”, and the list can go on.

The only sad thing, apart from the fact that we are destroying the only thing that keeps us alive, is the death that`s occurring from the virus. No one dear to me died because of this and I am thankful every single moment. I am really sorry for anyone that lost someone dear and all I can say is that I feel they are in a better place; they are HOME and to that home, we`ll all go one day, no exceptions. I for one, can`t wait to go back.

In the meantime, why don`t we take a step back, stop making this about ourselves and move our attention to Mother Earth, her needs, her wishes, her plans for us? Why don`t we show respect to HER, the way we show respect to our own mothers?  

Happy Mother Earth Day!

P.S. I would like to say thank you to the New York Public Library for the picture.

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Mariama - April 23, 2020


    Johanna - April 23, 2020

    Thank you, sweet creature!

Rene - April 23, 2020

Positive thoughts in hards times and shows to true beautiful nature always thinking of others.

    Johanna - April 28, 2020

    Thank you, sweety! Always supportive of me. 🙏

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