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Follow your dream!

When two (or more) people tell you that you are drunk, you have to go to bed and sleep it off.

This article is not about alcoholic drunkenness, it`s about having big dreams, dreams that make others think you are drunk, crazy or smoked weed.

We are scared to follow our dreams because we are surrounded by people that feel the same, and when we are trying to “get out” in the world, we rarely find someone able to support our ideas and encourage our actions. It`s pretty sad, but true. We can even expect to battle our own parents, because people reject the changes that affect their emotional, material, professional, etc. comfort.

Being able to get out of your comfort zone is scary, I agree, but it`s rewarding in ways you cannot even imagine.

The best part is that a new life is bringing new people, new things, new activities, new … everything, so you can start over and make the life you want.

It`s a chance for you to do it better. That`s evolution! We are here to learn, to experience everything in any way possible, and not to live an insipid existence.

We are coming here with a purpose, but we don`t accomplish it for many reasons.

We keep losing ourselves in this mundane existence that`s taking our power, our life force, our will, and this way we become little robots, using our energy to please our “masters” that come in any shapes and forms: our family, our spouse/husband, our kids, our bosses, our neighbors, our colleagues, the entire society, BUT US!

Since we always put ourselves on the second place, we postpone our wishes, waiting for the right moment, a special day, another month, maybe next year, a substantial paycheck, a better job, a miracle …

If we are lucky, from time to time we see “the light” in the form of a person or an experience, a joke or a story, some words on a bus or a picture on the internet, things that are trying to “talk” to us to a deeper level. If we pay attention and keep looking for them, we will see lots and lots more, and we will stay awake. All we have to do is follow the road they are showing. If we ignore them, they will still appear, but we will not be able to perceive them.

One way we can start following our dream is to become kids. Not act like kids, but think like them. They don`t know the phrase “it`s impossible”, they are resilient, courageous, and don`t care how many people are against their actions and which are the consequences. They do what they want and win. If /when they fail, they don`t give up. They buckle up and try again.

Keep in mind: the most important thing is to know exactly what you want!

Once you know that, everything will align with your wishes, and you`ll see how magic things will start to happen. They are not magic at all, they are real, but your analytical mind kept telling you that life is … life, there is no magic in it.

The worst part (yes, there is one, if you turn around) is that you`ll feel unfit, empty and sad.

Nothing will be the way you left it, not because something changed in your absence, but because you changed. You are not the same person that left!

It doesn`t matter how long you`ve been away. Things are changing inside you every single moment. Once you`ve been exposed to something else, something better, and you left it, for God knows what reasons, nothing will be the same.

People who stayed behind will see you as an arrogant person, envy will begin to rise and your life will begin to look like a tiresome adventure. You`ll try your best to fit, to readapt, you`ll lie to yourself every single day, thinking that the reason for which you came back was correct, necessary, the right one, but, at the end of the day, nothing will make you feel better. The hole in your heart will get bigger, the hunger for “the other life” will grow and nothing will satisfy you.

What should you do? Quit complaining! Accept it or do something! People can only listen to your cries but they can`t act in your place!

How do I know? I`ve been “there” for seven long years, and I know others like me. I always say that we are unique, but this experience, on every occasion, was followed by the same pattern.

I finally had enough, I put all my energy into my wish, and now I watch it bloom.

There is no turning back for me, I burned all my bridges. (Sometimes we sabotage ourselves and I wanted to avoid that.) There is nothing left for me to come back to, this way I am sure I will only follow the road ahead and move forward.

All I feel is Happiness! My dream, my wonderful and magic dream is starting to take shape and I feel in my heart that I can be and do whatever I want! I chose to silence my noisy mind. Our minds are calculating, but they cannot see into the future; our hearts are the only ones that know it!

In conclusion: when people are telling you that you are drunk, crazy or that you smoked weed, when it comes to following your dream, go wash your face and look yourself in the mirror. If you still feel driven, go for it! Those people need distance glasses; you already see the future!

Don`t be afraid! There is nothing to be afraid of! The unknown is scary because you didn`t experienced it yet!

Eden Phillpotts caught the entire idea of this article in a wonderful phrase: “The Universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

People vs. People

People ask me if there`s a magic formula to help them obtain everything they want from other people.

Wicca has lots and lots of rituals, but the first rule is : An it harm none, do what ye will! (that includes affecting another being`s free will!).

No matter how many ingredients you use in a ritual, the most important of all is Faith that everything you are asking for is going to happen exactly the way you need.

If you want something from a person, the easiest way is to treat that person as the little god of his universe, because THAT`s what he is, even if he doesn`t know it or believe it.

This “treatment”should come from you naturally, don`t try to force it, it`s not working that way! Keep in mind: the person in front of you has a soul too, and he would know, unconsciously, that you don`t believe your own words.

Anytime I need something (information, advice, etc.) I go to the most qualified person in the room, having a kind and respectful tone of voice and a big smile on my face, and, most of the time, I see the person`s face getting brighter, her look getting warmer towards me, even her posture changes.

It`s true, there are a handful of exceptions, but those people fought a lot of wars with unfair and ironic colleagues, reason enough to avoid being friendly with anyone else, by hiding behind an angry or glumly face (even if their hearts are warm).

It`s not impossible to get the info you need from them; all I am saying is that it will take a bit of work from you, but believe me, it`s worth it! There is nothing more satisfying in the world than seeing a person transforming in front of your eyes, by your doing!

Any being deserves the best and the most beautiful things, and if you are the one that offers them to her, one way or another, you`ll feel your day was not wasted in vain; you DID something good (on top of getting the info you needed)!

It is tough work, I know. It`s easier to ignore or yell some bad words, but if we are the kind of beings that want to live on a higher level than the material one, we don`t need to choose the easy way out (those are for common people) but we can accept a challenge.

Winning a “battle” like this brings you a kind of satisfaction that cannot be compared to anything in the world. Is our soul contentment, has little to do with our big Egos.

I don`t want to hear “I didn`t study psychology to know people”.

It`s common sense, not a psychology treaty. It doesn`t matter your field of study, your professional training, your job, your profession – we are all natural born psychologists.

We know how to treat the people in our life, but sometimes we don`t “walk a mile in their shoes”, and that`s when misunderstandings happen. We have to analyze a problem from all points of view, to really have a grasp on what a person needs to hear from us.

And, please, don`t say : ”Who`s gonna do the same for me?”

As long as you aren`t willing to act like a real human being just to see a smile on that person`s face, you can`t expect to be treated the same.

When you do a good deed, think you just helped yourself!

We don`t have to forget one thing: we, The People, are going in the same direction! Isn`t it easier to do it together?!

Since we started with magic, will finish with another rule, even if it`s universal, not necessarily a Wiccan one:

Ever mind the rule of three,

What ye send out comes back to thee!