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Carpe Diem!

A friend passed away (it`s been almost a year, but I feel the pain like it happened yesterday); another one is getting ready to follow in his footsteps. I don`t know how to react to this or if there`s a suitable reaction for such cases. They are not cases, that`s our reality.

Today we are walking on the street, admiring the Sun, Mother Nature, the tree in front of our porch; tomorrow we`re going to the funeral of someone dear to us, we say good bye, after which, the next day we go to work, then shopping and so on …

We keep asking ourselves what is life, but we don`t start living it the way it`s supposed to be lived.

We don`t even try to be kind to the people around us, lenient with someone that hits us by mistake while passing us by, understanding someone that wants to get out of the store at the same time with us, benevolent with someone that tries to get out of the parking lot in front of us.

We refuse to see the things from today as if tomorrow they might not be there. We act like we are eternal and bored. We take everything for granted. We are mistaken and refuse to see it.

Isn`t there anything shocking enough to wake us up, literally, to live, to make us appreciate every moment, every breath we take, every smile, every kind gesture, every gust of wind, every flower and make us want to explore the depths of our souls, begin our inner transformation, that`s going to contribute something better, for the existence of others?

Don`t we really understand that what we leave behind, after our final breath, has a great influence on everyone still standing?

We postpone happiness until … someday, while we feel like losers and keep on running after a fistful of coins. If we are gone tomorrow, what value will the money from today have?

I don`t want to hear yeah, you`re right; I have to change something.

All I want is for you to take a break, look at your existence with eyes wide open and take drastic measures NOW!