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Hiring a … CV

I am sure we all have been jobless at some point in life. I remember mine: it was horrid. Not because I didn`t have an income. No, the scariest part was to update my CV!

How can a piece of paper say anything useful about you, as a person? It says your name, your age, your gender, and then a short (or long) list of schools you attended, and then a short (or long) list of places you worked at.

Is that who YOU are?

They are also asking you to write about your personal skills and competences. You can write whatever you want because no one will see them in action before they hire you anyway.

I saw a lot of articles where they are describing how to make a bullet-proof CV but once I started reading, I got bored. Why should I be a name on a CV?

I have a friend who is reading lots and lots of CV`s (that`s one of her jobs) and she said that most of the time she is reading them vertically and she is looking for keywords that are supposed to be in every successful CV.

What this tells me is that all CVs should be standard, like the eggs in a carton. Even the eggs are different, smaller, larger, white, brown… How can you expect us to be the same when Mother Nature made us all unique!?

Since I just quit my job, I have decided to test one of my theories and I just wrote a Cover Letter in my “journalistic” style (as my tutor said when she saw my first essay 😛 ) not a “politically correct” one. Why? Because I am a firm believer that this world is made out of people, not robots, and the right person will read my letter and hire me because I am a person as well, not a CV!

* Please note: the picture used for the article was taken by Steve Harvey and posted on unspalsh.com. This way I wish to thank him very much for letting me use it.  

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